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Justin Hollrah
Precision Ag Specialist
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Cruizer Ii Weather Resistant
Raven Cruizer II Display

Cruizer II™ & Cruizer II™ RTK gives you all the benefits of an easy-to-use precision guidance system and so much more without pushing your budget off course. With more power and capability, you can add auto-steering, yield monitoring, and automatic on-off planter and boom section controls to your system when you’re ready. Cruizer II & Cruizer II RTK is easy to move from one machine to the next and now comes in a weather-resistant model for open-air cabs.

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Viper 4 Horizontal
Raven Viper 4 Display

Meet Viper® 4, the powerful new fourth generation Viper field computer. Powered by the innovative Raven Operating Software, Viper® 4 provides a simple, connected precision ag platform.

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Envizio Pro Xl
Raven Envizio Pro Series Display

Our line of Envizio Pro™ field computers are the total control package for growers. Fully integrated with GPS-guidance, simple to operate, affordable, and completely scalable for RTK sub-inch accuracy and functionality.

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